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[features layout="center" type="img" src="http://rockys-fitness-center.com/wp_content/uploads/2013/11/Fitness_icon1.png" title="Personal Training" link="http://rockys-fitness-center.com/personal-training-coaching/"]We train the bodies to move better. All of our coaches and trainers here have certifications in one of the three leading associations.[/features]
[features title="Group Exercise" type="img" src="http://rockys-fitness-center.com/wp_content/uploads/2013/11/Fitness_icon2.png" link="http://rockys-fitness-center.com/group-exercise/"] Group exercise at Rocky’s Fitness Center is a unique experience. What sets our classes apart is that we’re able to accommodate a wide range of clients – of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.[/features]
[features title="Sports Conditioning" type="img" src="http://rockys-fitness-center.com/wp_content/uploads/2013/11/Fitness_icon3.png" link="http://rockys-fitness-center.com/sports-conditioning/"]Rocky’s has a team of professionals that makes athletes better, to get them to their peak performance level. [/features]
Whether you’re a career or performance athlete who depends on their body, a recreational athlete seeking to avoid injuries and increase stamina, a stay-at-home mom trying to get back into shape or lose weight, or a senior in need of increased flexibility, Rocky’s fitness center can help you achieve lasting results. Recognizing the need for a more complete and effective fitness solution than the typical gym or boot camp, our goal is to be the premier all-in-one health and fitness facility that goes beyond fitness alone by providing health services such as corrective exercise and massage for those recovering from a sports injury, surgery or suffering from chronic pain.
Fitness programs range from 1:1 personal training, to group fitness and exercise classes (3-12 people) that can accommodate the full range of abilities, ages, fitness levels, and goals in the same class. This website provides a wealth of information from Rocky about his philosophies, background and vision as well as fitness and exercise in general.  As a writer of three books and regular on KCSO, Rocky is seldom at a loss for words and always engaging interesting.  We invite you to explore and soak it all in.
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